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BAR C-19

The COVID-19 pandemic forced designers to rethink spaces we usually occupy. This proposal shows how the spread of COVID-19 can be mitigated or slowed down within a bar.

Image 01.png

The existing bar has a simple indoor bar layout with central air, little to no natural ventilation and close proximity of guests when ordering or seating at the bar. 


In this design proposal, as guests approach the bar entrance, they are required to line up 6’-0” apart while waiting for the host to check them in. When they approach the hosts station, there is a screen protecting both the host and the guest where ID’s can be verified and an automatic sanitizing station is provided at the entrance. Inside the bar, there are ordering stations divided by screens. There's an automatic sanitizing station as well as a portal where the guest can pick up their drinks and pay without having contact with the bartender. 

Floor PLan-02.jpg

The seating layout has been pushed to one side of the bar with a 6’-0” diameter around each parties table. This is to control seated areas, and provide adequate spacing between each party. A key feature in this area is replacing the South wall with a green wall screen to allow natural air ventilation inside the bar and the presence of plants help make the air cleaner. 


Around the bar, there are signs indicating directions to the new exit and reminding users about the importance of using hand sanitizers as well as keeping a 6’-0” distance from each other. 


Overall, key elements such as the automatic sanitizing stations, glass screens, touchless menus, 6’-0” strips, take out stations and the green wall screen work together to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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