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Grab your sketchbooks and tune into our monthly webinar episodes with inspiring creatives!

This isn't just another zoom webinar! It's a 1hr conversation with leading designers and architects from different countries, sharing their experiences with us while sketching a building of their choice!

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Episode Guest: Julia Nagele

Sketch: Barcelona Pavilion

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Julia Nagele_Cover.png

Episode 53: Drawing, Design and Equitable Architecture

Episode Guest: Joey Swerdlin

Sketch: 7 Thought Provoking Ideas

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Joey Swerdlin_Cover.png

Episode 50: Thoughtful Public Spaces

Episode Guest: Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

Sketch: Biltmore Hotel, Miami

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Episode 44: Living With Environmental Intuition

Episode Guest: Andrew Aquart

Sketch: Barnacle House, Miami

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Episode 42: Educating Young Professionals About The Real World

Episode Guest: Teri Watson

Sketch: Ribbon Chapel, Japan

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Episode 40: Friends, Let's Talk

Episode Guest: Craig Aquart

Sketch: Metropolitan Cathedral in Brasilia, Brazil

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Episode 34: Architecture As A Tool Of Colonial Oppression

Episode Guest: Akinade Aderele

Sketch: Building from the Ilorin region, Nigeria

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Episode 31: Architecture Represents Power Relationships

Episode Guest: David Rifkind

Sketch: Miami-Dade Courthouse, Miami

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