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In this corner of the design world, I seek out conversations with inspiring designers and architects that impact communities through their work. As you listen to each episode, I hope you get as inspired as I do! 

- Ebehi Diaz-Ijewere, Host

Each episode is recorded and edited with our listeners my mind. I released the first episode of the Layers of Design Podcast on January 4th 2019. At the time, it was a way for me to find my voice in the design profession while seeking similar stories for inspiration. Through this platform, I've discovered a way to motivate many creatives by sharing stories from designers and architects across the globe! 

My goal is to bridge the gap between architecture and the public, to shed more light on what architects do and ultimately increase the value of our profession. I do this through interviews and community events. Listen in every month as I learn about the journey of several architects and designers! 

Get inspired through prerecorded episodes, live sketch webinars and short video interviews. Here's your chance to listen or watch all episodes and be a part of a growing community of inspired designers!



Just finished listening to Episode 57 with Emily at Harrison Design. I met her a few years ago and so enjoyed your discussion with her - especially on the topic of taking care of mental health. I've downloaded the next two and look forward to listening on my drive in to work tomorrow. Great work! I like how you make the listener feel like part of the conversation and the discuss flows very naturally.

As a non designer, its great to listen to this podcast and still understand and learn more about design from from amazing designers around the world

Love listening to the conversations about design and architecture. Learning a lot



Thank you to all our special guests, listeners, sponsors and supporters! Without you, we wouldn't have made it this far!

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