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For many, schools provide a refuge away from the worries of everyday life. For others, schools are a place of solitude to escape into the world of books. The Kurandza Learning Center aims to create an environment where the occupants are embraced by the sense of warmth the two encircling buildings create surrounding the area with a much needed retreat from the outside.

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Freedom of choice is an opportunity given to the students of Kurandza Learning Center. The center division acts as a gate, allowing a free flowing movement of people to occupy the interior courtyard while the buildings hold the program, creating a sense of safety for the students the further inside the project one is. On the south side, the program has communal activities, where many local community members can participate in programs, lectures or events while at the same time serving as a main hub for the students to interact socially with one another. In contrast, the north side is distinctly academic and familial. The classroom sits 20 socially distanced desks in front of a wall of books to occupy the students' curiosity. Everywhere the students occupy is an opportunity for learning and growing together.

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Lastly, green space in the project acts as a catalyst for activity. Many outdoor courtyards connect the project together, providing areas where the students can unwind from their daily lives and be healthier for it.

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Using calculated programmatic relationships, the Kurandza Learning Center creates a safe learning environment for everyone willing to step through the gates.

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