This proposal provides adequate spaces for quality family gatherings.

RENDER 1 - Edited.png

The proposal provides adequate spaces for quality family gatherings. The living space was designed as the main area in the house. The way the bedrooms embrace the space emphasize the living room as the main focus. The living space and the outdoor space can be connected by opening up the louvered folding doors blurring the line between exterior and interior, and expanding the family gathering space.

RENDER 4.jpg

The house is placed strategically, embracing an existing tree on site at a reasonable distance from Nico’s house, leaving a clear space from the existing cattle area for neighbors to pass through the site. A long brick and concrete wall draws attention to the entrance of the house and provides privacy for the exterior spaces of the house.

The proposal provides natural ventilation, natural daylight and insect protection through brick screens. A corrugated metal roof system is designed to insulate heat and sound using straw slip clay and wire mesh. Rainwater is collected from the roof with a system consisting of a gutter (catchment device), pipe (delivery system), filter and stored in a  water tank.

Finally, the house incorporates a passive energy system using solar panels that face South to maximize sunlight.