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Kyrah L. Williams is a successful, multi-faceted young woman with many talents. Dedicated to helping her community and making a difference for others, her purpose is clear - service. Kyrah graduated from the University of Miami in 2016 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Engineering and in 2018 with her Master of Architecture degree. She has not only worked for several Architectural and Engineering firms, but she has actually started her own drafting firm. In addition, she runs her non-profit, A’naiys Charities, which is a 501C(3) tax-exempt organization in Miramar, Florida dedicated to cancer research, comforting the homeless, protecting abandoned animals, and increasing representation of Blacks and minorities in STEM and Architecture.


Also, she runs America’s Hidden Gem™ - a platform dedicated to celebrating the Black Architect and ally professionals and also hosts the branch podcast – America’s Hidden Gem™ the podcast with a peer. Through mentorship and professional development summits, she aims to increase the percentage of Black architects from ~2%. She is currently working as a Project Manager for a Structural/Forensic Engineering firm in Miami, Florida.

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Kyrah Williams,

Founder, America's Hidden Gem 

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