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This proposal focuses on the community by integrating specific uses that would enhance and engage the government of Lagos to act on a positive note in the intervention of Makoko.


Makoko V2 aims to provide the people of Makoko with a sense of pride and validity that the government has denied them. Our approach to handle the needs of the community, more specifically the medical, nutritional, and sustainable needs as well as the enhancement of the public spaces, is to create an interconnected community that generates opportunities for better health through a centralized connection of buildings that floats above the water ways of the community of Makoko.


To implement a project of this size, three phases are to be developed and released. During Phase 1, the aim is to build community trust and tackle the health and sanitation of the community by building small health clinics and the community gathering spaces that organize, teach and incentivize people to keep their city clean. A waste management program would provide the tools to keep each sector of the community sanitary. Finally, infrastructure would be revamped in more modern ways to keep the canal system clean.


During Phase 2 and 3 the community expands, and grows accordingly. New homes are built for the people that choose to participate, work and live within the new communities. The building’s created during this phase offer clean food and water sources as well as commercial potential with the addition of a pier and observation towers for the government.


Overall, Makoko V2 seeks to dispel the notion that Makoko is unworthy of preservation and is in fact Lagos' largest growing community with the potential to influence not only itself, but the whole city of Lagos.

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