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The proposal focuses on embracing and sharing education for the students and community. We designed the learning spaces to embrace the existing Moraceae tree which has a tire lounge beneath where students can learn together. Every structure is as open as possible letting wind and circulation move through the site with ease.

Image 01.jpg

The library is located at the entrance of the school with a public and private entrance. The public entrance invites the community to gain knowledge and the private entrance allows accessibility within the site. Across the library is the orchard and corral, we are proposing the growth of corn, millets, sorghum, and chickens. It is strategically located at the entrance of the school and beside the vocational classrooms for easy access and learning.

Image 03.jpg

The main construction for the walls are earthbags with cement plaster as a finish which can be easily sourced and requires minimal construction experience. The doors and windows are made of wood frames and the reuse of the existing woven bamboo sheets on site. They are designed to rotate for maximum air flow and increase connectivity between spaces.


The water tank is made of reusable plastic bottles and cement. Leaving these materials exposed allow the students to get an understanding of development in their school and the possibilities of using locally available materials in different ways to develop and maintain their school and communities as a whole.

Image 05_002.jpg

Using locally sourced tyres, we create the structure for our walls and openings at the top of our buildings. This will allow air to flow freely through all spaces. The tires are further designed in clusters and have either wood, rubber or cloth sheets to form seating in the courtyard area, creating a lounge space. 


The overall proposal creates open spaces where knowledge is gained, shared and encourages community interaction and development.

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