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Callie Harris is the Assistant Director of Interior Design at Emory University. She has over 15 years of experience in the architectural and design field, with project types ranging from high end residential to healthcare design and everything in between. Over the course of her career, she discovered her passion in designing for the education community. This allowed her to support, through thoughtful and impactful collaborations, spaces that will develop our next generation of leaders, scientists, artists, scholars, and beyond.

As a member of Emory’s Planning, Design, and Construction team, Callie is allowed the unique opportunity to not only collaborate on the creation of these environments- but to observe them being activated daily. These observations provide firsthand feedback for each project- big and small; sometimes good and bad. That exposure refined her process as a designer- we never stop learning ourselves; and it is just as important to study what doesn’t work as it is to track what does.

During her personal time, Callie is an avid knitter who enjoys playing with texture and color, and loves spending time outdoors with her husband, son, and their three rescue dogs.

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Callie Harris,

Assistant Director of Interior Design at Emory University

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